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General Product Questions and Troubleshooting

How To Clean Your Bathmate Pump

The Importance of Cleaning Your Penis Pump. Sure, water is all you need to get your Hydropump working, but when it comes to cleaning it, a quick rinse under the tap simply won’t cut it. Your Bathmate hydropump is made up of many intricate moving part

Can I use the HydroXtreme Handball on other pumps?

In order to use the handball attachment, the design of the HydroXtreme valve is different to our other pumps. This means that the handball attachment is unable to be connected to any of our other pumps.

How do the cushion pads work?

Designed for use with our Bathmate Hydromax and HydroXtreme penis pump ranges, Bathmate Cushion Rings help to add an extra level of comfort and security for users during their pump exercises. We offer 5 sizes of Cushion ring to suit various pump size

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