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Frequently asked questions about Bathmate products.

What Is Bathmate?

Bathmate is the world's first penis pump engineered to be used in water (a hydro pump). There are many benefits to using a hydro pump on a regular basis including improved penis size, and improved blood flow which leads to improved male sexual health

How Bathmate Works

Bathmate pumps work by using hydraulic pressure to create a vacuum, causing a natural erection (using normal bodily function, non-drug based). The vacuum draws healthy nutrient rich blood in to the penis and helps to remove toxins supporting optimum

How To Use Bathmate

Bathmate pumps are simple to use. In either the shower or bath, fill the pump with warm water, insert your penis into the pump and gentlly pull the pump back to the body to create a seal. Once the pump is sealed against the body continue pumping to b

How Do I Pick The Right Size?

To get the best possible results from your hydropump, it's important to pick the right size. If you choose an overly large pump, or one that's too small, you may not receive the maximum pressure, resulting in less impressive results.Step 1: Get an Er

Is Bathmate right for me?

If you have a penis, you're a candidate for improved sexual performance and can benefit from the use of Bathmate. If you have any underlying health conditions, providing the condition is well managed, Bathmate can still work for you to improve sexual

What Results Can I Expect From Using Bathmate?

The results of a Bathmate routine significantly vary depending on your biology and workout frequency. Some users have reported strong, longer-lasting erections after use, and several inches of increased length/ girth after several months of regular u

How Long Do "Gains" Last?

After a pump session, you'll see major temporary gains, right from the beginning. These typically fade quickly, with longer-lasting gains requiring regular workouts - just like any other kind of exercise.

What Bathmate Pumps Are Available?

There are 12 Bathmate pumps available, in 6 sizes and 3 series (and 3 colors!). The original Hydro Series provides a gentle start, Hydromax adds 35% more power for increased results, and HydroXtreme uses a unique handball system to provide unbeatable

What Makes Bathmate Different From Other Penis Pumps?

Bathmate was the first penis pump to use water instead of air. This completely changes the dynamics, delivering better results, making our pumps easier and more convenient to use, while ensuring that there's no awkward preparation or cleanup.

How do I register my Pump?

To register your pump and start your warranty protection, you'll need to register your pump. It's really easy. Head to our online registration page here. You'll just need the PID displayed on your pump's label, which is a short, unique alphanumeric c

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