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How to use Hydro pumpUpdated 2 years ago

1. Warm Up

2. Fill the Pump

3. Attach the Pump

4. Create a Vacuum

5. Wait while Bathmate Works its Magic

6. Remove the Pump

7. Massage the Penis

8. Repeat

Warm Up

  1. Use Bathmate Hydro in either the Bath or Shower.
  2. Massage the genital area to relax skin.

Fill the Pump

  1. Ensure the valve is set to the closed position (press black pip to either side)
  2. Fill the pump with as much water as possible (warm (not hot!))

Attach the Pump

  1. Insert the flaccid penis into the Hydropump
  2. Press the Hydropump against the body to create a comfortable seal
  3. Ensure testicles are below seal

Create a Vacuum

  1. Pull the pump in to the body to create a vacuum seal against the body
  2. Once the pump is sealed to the body continue the pumping process until you are at a comfortable maximum pressure

Wait While Bathmate Works its Magic

  1. Wait for up to 3 minutes (Tip: Use a shower strap for hands-free usage in the shower and continue your shower/bath routine)

Remove the Pump

  1. Press down on the clear valve cap
  2. Hold the valve cap until the vacuum is released
  3. Remove the Hydropump

Massage the Penis

  1. Form an ok grip with either hand
  2. Gently slide the grip from the base of the penis along the shaft, stopping at the glans
  3. Repeat this motion for up to 2 minutes to allow the penis to relax and return to a flaccid state


  1. Follow steps 2-7 (Tip: We recommend completing these steps 2 more times)
  2. Limit daily usage to 15 minutes (3 x 5 minutes [3 minutes in pump, 2 minutes massage])
  3. Limit weekly usage to 5 days (2 days use, rest day, 3 days use, rest day)
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